Create your Future.

Blue Coral Concepts manages all aspects of franchising for unique, innovative premium retail food service brands. We’re always looking for like minded business partners that have a genuine love for food, people and service. Our success is built on the belief in genuine partnership.

What we do

We facilitate your introduction to world class retail food service brandsĀ and what defines each brand. We guide you through the process of knowing what’s involved in acquiring a franchise and your full understanding of your involvement.

What you do

Provide the credentials and capacity to satisfy the personal and commercial qualifications needed to be a successful franchise partner. Long term success depends on being fully engaged in the business.

What we do together

Build an open and transparent relationship that has trust at its foundation. Work collaboratively to enable both parties to develop and grow a successful business with each party taking full responsibility for their actions.

Our Brands

Learn more about the individual brands that are available for you to grow in your chosen part of the world. If this is attractive and you’d like to know more then get in touch.

Hunter & Barrel

The hunter & barrel brand a vibrant full service casual dining eatery offering hearty meats (Hunter) and barrel aged beverages (Barrel) in a visually dynamic, yet affordable bar and restaurant.

Ribs & Burgers

The Ribs & Burgers brand is a fast-casual concept that combines the classic humble butcher shop and bistro style diner presenting ribs and burgers cooked over flame and served in generous portions.

Italian Street Kitchen

The Italian Street Kitchen brand is a contemporary, affordable fast-casual expression of Roman street food culture using basic ingredients to create an uncomplicated dining experience.