Blue Coral culture

Our Promise

Blue Coral Concepts, the garden of the sea, represents harmony, development and growth much like our people working together in building a truly outstanding culture.

Our Vision

Create and grow superior, innovative restaurant concepts.

Our Passion

We are obsessed with providing delicious food and service excellence to our customers.

Our Success Formula

People first, then guests, sales and profit will follow.

HOW WE Work (Great People)

Guest (treat your customers like a treasured guest in your own home)
Recognition (honour others through respect, gratitude and celebration)
Excellence (be your best self, set high expectations, continuously improve)
Accountable (say what you mean, do what you say, deliver results)
Togetherness (we are family, team together, team apart after positive debate)
Positive (love what you do, be optimistic, be flexible to change)


Lead by example (walk the talk)
Inspire & develop (engage & coach)
Grow teams (build teamwork)
Humble (modest, patient, listen)
Transparent (open & clear)
Share our culture (bring it alive)


Strong brands
Operations excellence
Build strategic partnerships
Innovate food & experience
Grow store network
Grow people, sales & profit


Suppliers (long term high integrity partnerships)
Investors (consistently delivering compelling results)
Community (a social conscience and a big heart)