Business Profile

Blue Coral Concepts identifies, develops, markets and manages cutting edge innovative restaurant concepts globally. The company uses its base in Australia and close association with the senior management team of each brand to fine tune the branded concepts to be compelling consumer propositions that can be franchised in developed and developing environments.

Focused on fast-casual and casual dining brand-centric retail food concepts that are clearly defined with significant competitive differentiation and advantage. Critical to success is well developed IP across branding, recipes, operational processes and procedures. Naturally this translates into strong business models with attractive commercial structures.

Blue Coral Concepts offers a flexible approach to master, corporate and sub-franchise structures with best in class franchising terms and documentation that enables ideal outcomes from market to market and partner to partner.

This is grounded in the belief that the relationship and franchise partner selection process is as important as the branded concepts themselves and the surrounding support systems. The success of Blue Coral Concepts is predicated on our partner’s success.

The Blue Coral team has several decades of experience across many different brands and in multiple countries.

Executive GM David Ovens and Business Development Director Ernesto Ferreira have a combined 30 years experience in large corporate retail food and beverage franchised businesses having worked for KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Nando’s brands in Australia, Sth Africa, Middle East, Sth East Asia and the USA. Their experience spans all aspects of franchising, marketing, operations, new restaurant development and food innovation with particular emphasis on developing productive relationships with franchise partners built on integrity and trust.

The Process


The best place to start is by taking a close look at the brand you’re potentially interested in. There’s information on the website, several product and restaurant images and a PDF file that will help tell the brand story. Then of course there’s many on line review platforms and search options to investigate. Please take time to develop an understanding of the brand and determine how you’d like to proceed. For any prospective franchisee it’s vital that you explore the brand and develop a deep, clear understanding and that the more you explore the more interested you become.


The process we follow is after you’ve signaled your initial interest via the online inquiry form we’ll ask you to complete the Franchise Application form in as much detail as possible so we can more fully understand your position. We will review this application and then consult with you in detail to add clarity and answer your initial questions to determine if either and both parties want to progress to the next stage. Then if both parties choose to progress to the next stage this is an extended exploration in to the specific requirements of becoming a member of the brand community, locations of interest and more importantly to explore in detail all the obligations related to operational, financial and legal commitments related to becoming a franchisee. At the conclusion of this stage both parties will have satisfied themselves that they either do or don’t want to proceed to becoming a franchisee.

Roll Out

The final stage of becoming a franchisee is based around proceeding to a formal signed Franchise Agreement, embracing the actual operating processes of the business be that identifying a specific site or sites, restaurant design and approval, training and all the actions required to ultimately open your doors and start welcoming customers.

The roll out or opening of restaurants is a complex and carefully managed process and is a key component of the Franchise Agreement via a ‘restaurant development schedule’ that identifies the number of locations that will be opened over the term of the Agreement. We work together to ensure the roll out schedule is achieved and issues are resolved as they arise.


The relationship with Franchisee’s is based on the principles of consultation and collaboration. We seek input on the basis of identifying key issues that we collectively believe will improve the customer appeal and relevance of the brand on behalf of all locations uniformly. We monitor the operational execution of each and all outlets to the agreed brand standards and strive for excellence in food quality, customer service and restaurant experience. We believe that every restaurant is part of a single brand reputation that we all work hard to enhance, one customer at a time!

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    Managed Brands

    Learn more about our current stable of brands available for franchise enquiries. If you are looking to have your brand managed for possible franchise expansion, please get in touch.

    Hunter & Barrel

    The hunter & barrel brand a vibrant full service casual dining eatery offering hearty meats (Hunter) and barrel aged beverages (Barrel) in a visually dynamic, yet affordable bar and restaurant.

    Ribs & Burgers

    The Ribs & Burgers brand is a fast-casual concept that combines the classic humble butcher shop and bistro style diner presenting ribs and burgers cooked over flame and served in generous portions.

    Italian Street Kitchen

    The Italian Street Kitchen brand is a contemporary, affordable fast-casual expression of Roman street food culture using basic ingredients to create an uncomplicated dining experience.