Ribs & Burgers

Ribs & Burgers

The R&B brand identity evokes the combined and interwoven history of the classic, humble butcher shop and the bistro style diner. A fast-casual, relaxed dining experience that projects the authenticity of its origins in a nostalgic, engaging atmosphere.

The R&B brand experience is driven by an open style kitchen bringing to life the theatre of the food. This theatre amplifies the customer experience and allows them to connect with both the food and the brand itself.

R&B burgers and ribs are cooked over open flame, served generous in portion and hearty in nature using secret family recipes that date back generations to create full flavoured, unique tastes.

The R&B restaurant experience is a combination of vintage butcher shop elements, crafted detailing and new creative ideas that are fused together with relevant and substantial brand messaging to create a visually engaging experience.

R&B is a new standard in affordable fast-casual dining bringing to life both it’s origins and the generous, authentic nature of its food.

To learn more, download the brand profile PDF or visit the website.


What is the process?

  • Read up on the brand – Do your homework.
  • Register your interest by completing an inquiry online.
  • After an initial discussion complete the formal franchise application.
  • Meet face to face to discuss the application and develop the relationship.
  • Provide full financial information to Blue Coral.
  • Meet face to face to continue to progress the application, resolve any financial considerations or other issues as they arise.
  • Proceed with the legal documentation and franchise agreements. Seek independent legal advice to address and satisfy any questions you may have.
  • Meet face to face to sign agreements, pay initial fees, meet the full management team for the brand and share a meal together.
  • Get going with training, site selection, restaurant design and construction.

How long does the process take?

This is entirely dependent on the type of franchise agreement being entered into and what experience and resources you have available to facilitate the process from your side. As a guide the process would be no less that 6 months and ideally no more than 12 months to get to a fully executed franchise agreement and be ready to commence training and the site selection process.

The time frame to open the first restaurant in your part of the world will depend on local building regulatory requirements, the construction industry and most importantly recruiting and training the right people that will operate the restaurant itself.

How do we assess potential partners?

There are a few key criteria that we stick to:

  • what prior or existing restaurant experience and skills does the potential partner have?
  • what financial and operational resources does the potential partner have in place?
  • does the potential partner have a passion for food and service excellence,
  • does the potential partner exhibit the necessary leadership and people skills.
  • is the potential partner willing to work together and play by the rules that govern the franchise partnership.

What experience or resources do I need to have to become a franchise partner?

All potential partners must be able to demonstrate operational experience and developing people capability within the food service sector. Deep knowledge in how to successfully run retail food service outlets across operations, supply chain, financial reporting and local area marketing forms the cornerstone of becoming a franchise partner.

All potential partners must have the financial capability to fund the business during the start up phase inclusive of store design and construction, training and people, supply chain and any local governmental or regulatory costs.

What is the initial investment and what is covered in that investment?

The initial investment will vary depending on the specifics of any individual partnership. The standard components of our Franchise Partnership includes Initial Fee’s made up of a combination of Territory and Intended New Store Opening fees as they apply to an individual arrangement.

The build cost for stores is also a component of an initial investment. The actual build cost will be determined based on the location and size of the site, the cost of specified materials, equipment and labour in a specific market plus any governmental and landlord fees.

Can I own a franchise with a business partner?

Yes it’s acceptable to have a business partner or partners. Business partners maybe purely financial partners or operational partners or a combination of both.

The requirement for any potential partner is that a specific individual is nominated as the ‘Operator’ who by definition is required to work in the business.


  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • UK
  • Middle East
  • South East Asia

Management Company

The Blue Coral Concepts company has been created to develop and manage franchisable retail F&B brand concepts across market segments and cuisine types. The core team has many years experience in large multi unit franchised F&B networks and uses this experience to create best practices. Our relationship with the brands we manage is built on achieving excellence in three specific areas – food quality, service quality and restaurant experience and the process of continuous improvement across all three.

At the core of the franchisor/ franchisee relationship is what we call the ‘Partnership Pact’ which in simple terms defines who does what. It is this clarity that helps ensure strong positive relationships.

Key Info

  • Locations: 18
  • Countries: Australia, UK, S. Africa
  • Employees: Approx 350
  • Managed by: Mr Chad Rahme

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